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Ahoy There!

Holy Ship Bar & Restaurant is the dining destination for Gold Coast locals and visitors alike. Our trawlers 'FV Havana' and 'Austral Eagle' have been refurbished and are ready to provide you a dining experience inspired by the sea.

Enjoy front-row seats to the Gold Coast's Broadwater with a menu and atmosphere that's designed to cast you away. Fresh local seafood from the trawlers, small plates and a full service bar with many options to please all.

Meet our trawlers

Meet our two trawlers, Austral Eagle & Havana, that make Holy Ship the one of a kind dining experience that it is!

A seafood platter including prawns, oysters, bugs and salmon sashimi next to a bottle of a champagne and two yellow stainless steel cups

Come and dine on our trawlers and have ship loads of fun!


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