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About Us

Opening Date and Reception: The official opening day Is Wednesday, March 27th. The soft opening over the weekend prior saw around 60 attendees, including family and friends.

Development Timeline: The concept for Holy Ship has been in the works for over three years. The vessels underwent extensive renovations for 18 months at GCCM, being stripped back to raw timber and rebuilt.

Inspiration: Holy Ship was inspired by the uniqueness of having a restaurant on the water, offering a one-of-a-kind experience not found elsewhere on the Gold Coast.

Previous Ventures: The team behind Holy Ship has prior experience in the restaurant business, having owned and operated Tonic on Chirn, ELV525 Café/Tapas on Mount Tamborine, and Café Open.

Excitement: The most exciting aspect of Holy Ship is the opportunity to dine on traditional trawlers with a 5-star fitout, enjoying fresh seafood and beverages while watching boats pass by.

Popular Food and Drink: Standout menu items include oysters, trawler bugs, prawns, and saucy pork ribs, alongside a well-stocked bar featuring known wines, unique offerings, tap wines, cold beers, and frozen cocktails.

Seating Capacity: Holy Ship can accommodate up to 72 people across both vessels, with separate seating areas on the lower and upper decks.

Vessels: Austral Eagle and Havana have rich histories as trawlers, each with its own unique features and capacities, including full commercial kitchens and bars.

Operational Details: The vessels operate together, relocating to different areas of the Broadwater for special functions and events, with guests ferried from Marina Mirage. Fresh seafood is sourced daily, and safety regulations are rigorously adhered to.

Booking and Opening Hours: Reservations are recommended through the website, with Holy Ship open Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30 am until late evening, offering stunning sunset views.

This comprehensive experience promises a unique dining experience blending maritime history, fresh seafood, and waterfront ambiance.

An idea floated by a love of boating, seafood and the Gold Coast!

Two blue refurbished trawlers turned into a restaurant with a sign reading 'Holy Ship'
A red life bouy on a boat with text reading 'Austral Eagle' and 'Holy Ship'
A yellow sign on the front of a blue boat reading 'Holy Ship' inside of a yellow rope circle
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